About Us

Are you curious about the Warren Rupp Observatory and the members of the Richland Astronomy Society? If you haven’t come for a visit yet, you’ll find us a widely diverse group of individuals of all ages and personality types. The one thing we all share in common is our love of astronomy. Here you will find folks of all genders and ages – from all professions and walks of life. We try our best to be a family and to treat our guests as family, too.

The Richland Astronomy Society is a nonprofit organization formed in 1960 to promote the advancement of amateur astronomy. Operating the Warren Rupp Observatory with its 36″ diameter mirror Newtonian telescope, conducting an active public education program, regular monthly public nights, and comet observing programs are just some of its many activities.

Our membership is as diverse as our hobby. We have teachers, doctors, computer nerds, law enforcement, salespersons, chemists, publishers, computer programmers, building contractors, appliance repairmen, electricians, photographers, factory workers, professional authors, nurses and just about any profession and non-profession you can think of.

Observational Astronomy

Many of our members are drawn to Amateur Astronomy to view and observe the many wonders of the universe. Moon, planets, comets, galaxies and nebula are favorites to those who want to use a telescope. The club has a wide variety of telescopes for use by members. To help you become a more skilled observational observer, this link ( Observing Resources ) will help you in getting started. It is full of valuable information and resources that even seasoned observers will find helpful. Achieve your observational goals now and get a telescope out under the stars!

Current Club Officers and Board Members

  • Deloris Mlay – President
  • Dan Wade – Vice President
  • Pat Everly – Treasurer
  • Rich Krahling – Secretary/Board Member
  • Mike Romine – Board Chairman
  • John Knapp – Board Member
  • Michael Mlay – Board Member
  • Bruce Scodova – Observatory Director/Board Member
  • Michael Sweazy – Board Member
  • Jason Wallace – Board Member
  • Eric Heintz – Assistant Observatory Director

If you’d like to request a program Click here to fill out a our Request From via NASA’s Night Sky Network. For other inquiries, feel free to contact us at contact@wro.org

Club Code of Regulations

Click on the RAS Code of Regulations to see our bylaws.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining our group (Yay!),  you can either show up at one of our meetings or events or fill out the this online form. After submitting the form, we will get back with you promptly. Do not pay annual dues until you hear back from us!

Annual Membership Fees are $25 Student, $50 Individual, and $75 Family. They are due by January 31.
Can be paid by Cash or Check payable to R.A.S.
Mail to: Raymond Joyal – Treasurer, 16395 TWP. RD 205 Glenmont, OH 44628

They can also be paid using Paypal with the “donate” button below

Member Pages

Some of our members have their own web pages. These pages detailed observations, musings, and some wonderful astrophotos.

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